To The Health-Care Workers


As we all know, since the start of the COVID 19 pandemic, health care workers have been risking their lives every day to help treat and care for the sick. Hundreds of health-care workers lost their lives battling the coronavirus. They have been standing on the frontline for all of us. Basically, in this blog, I just wanted to tell something to the health-care workers. And, here’s what I want to tell :

1. Thank you so much for everything that you do, everything that you sacrificed, and for your love.

2. Thank you so much for your resilience during this time. You never have a doubt to treat us until we get better.

3. Thank you so much for your support and hard work during this difficult time. Your kindness, humility, and strength are so incredible.

4. Thank you so much for always making a better world for all of us with everything that you do. I can’t express my admiration and gratitude in words.

5. Your compassion, bravery, love, support, and intelligence are the saving grace of this world during these times.

If there is someone who asks me, “Who is your role model or hero?” Then, I will answer it (without hesitation and proudly) with, “The Health-Care Workers”. Yup! They are my hero as well as my role model. How come? Because, they have sacrificed their lives for us. They have been working so hard for us. They are fearless. And, they have helped us a lot to face the pandemic.

I agree with a phrase that saying “Not all heroes wear cap” because it’s true. Right now, the healthcare workers are on the frontline of battling the coronavirus disease that’s spreading rapidly around the globe. So, do you think we can help them? ‘Cuz, I personally think that we can. Even, with a little deed. But, it doesn’t matter. We never know what kind of differences that we make, right?

Well, I think here are some ways that we could do to help the healthcare heroes in the battle against COVID 19 :

1. Stay Home

Photos of the healthcare workers holding signs that say “I stayed at work for you, you stay home for us” are popping up everywhere. So, please take the message seriously. Social distancing is something that we should do right now to prevent any other cases of the COVID 19 disease.

2. Make A Donation

If you have an extra money, you can try to donate it to your local hospitals or to the local COVID 19 relief funds. You don’t have to be bothered by the amount of your donation. Because, donation doesn’t about the amount. But, it’s about your willing and your capability to give.

3. Send Your Message & Support

Give a shout out to the health care workers on social medias or even directly (if you know a health care worker). By showing your support to them, it definitely would mean a lot. Knowing you recognize their sacrifice and everything that they do will give their strength.
Anyways, there’s so much you can do to help the healthcare workers ♥️?‍⚕️?‍⚕️.

Honestly, during this pandemic, I’ve learned a lot. The most valued things that I’ve learned, especially from the frontline health workers is sacrifice and compassion. I can’t even imagine if we have to face the pandemic without them.

Well guys, I hope everything will be ok. Please remember, we’re all in this together ♥️♥️.

Love, R.


Credits to Voices of Youth

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